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We provide vegetation control in Edmonton and surrounding areas

Weed Patrol has been treating weeds for over 30 years on Edmonton lawns.  We have a professional 5 application program of fertilizer and weed control for your grass to make it beautiful, healthy and weed-free. We are the experts at killing weeds on your lawn but what about the weeds outside the lawn? Landscaping rocks, patio stones, gravel driveways, sidewalk cracks, dirt and concrete areas can also become overrun with weeds; sometimes even worse than the lawn!

At Weed Patrol, we have the answer with our vegetation control service. Vegetation control is an application of non-selective commercial grade weed control to treat unwanted weeds and grass in these areas. We recommend 1 to 2 applications per season. Vegetation control is one of our most popular services and it can save you hours of weeding.

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Many homeowners are frustrated when weeds just wilt or grow back after using weed control  on their rock beds that was bought at a box store.  It is a waste of time and money. We have the license to apply commercial grade weed control to kill unwanted grasses and weeds in areas outside your lawn.

Our technicians are extensively trained for 2 years before carefully applying vegetation control around your property. We notify all customers and if requested, we’ll arrange a time for you to go over the areas with the technician that is to be treated. We add a dye to our solution so you too can see the areas that were sprayed. The dye will be broken down by the sun in 3 to 5 days after the application.

Our technician will send an after-service email right from the field with the time, date and instructions after the application. We start the vegetation control applications in June and usually follow-up in 6 weeks to see if there is any new growth. Vegetation control can save you hours of weeding and if you have any questions, just give us a call. We’re located right here on the southside of Edmonton and not a call center in another time zone.

It can be very confusing to a homeowner on what type of weed control to use and where to spray it. There is often no room for error. Applying a non-selective weed control to your grass will kill it!  We have seen too many homeowners to kill their entire lawn using the wrong weed control.

Any good landscaping company will recommend treating new dirt with vegetation control before laying down sod. Unwanted grasses like quack grass cannot be selectively treated after installation without killing the new turf.  Arrange for vegetation control service at least 14 days in advance to allow enough time for the weed control to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close can you get to plants?

We stay at least 1’ away from all plants, trees or shrubs to minimize the chance of any overspray.  If the area is completely overgrown, we ask that you weed at least 1’ around your plants.  

How soon can it rain after the application?

Our product is waterproof so it can rain shortly after the application.

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How long does it take to work?

It’s best to think of vegetation control like a light switch that goes off around 14 days before there is any evidence that the product is working.  The plant is dead when the weeds or grasses start turning yellow or wilting and can be removed or cut down without diminishing the results at that time.

Why can’t you use the same weed control in my mulch beds as the lawn?

The equipment we use for the lawn is too large to spray between plants without applying weed control to their leaves too. Unwanted grasses would also be fertilized, and any weed seeds are encouraged to germinate by the fertilizer. 

What about the wind?

We can only do the service on a calm day or we risk damaging surrounding plants, shrubs or grass.

Does it control quack grass in my lawn?

No. Although quack grass is considered a weed by most homeowners, it is technically a grass. We cannot selectively control for quack grass without killing the lawn too.  We can, however, treat quack grass in areas outside the lawn with vegetation control.

Vegetation Control is a weed control treatment for unwanted weeds and grasses that appear in areas like sidewalk cracks, crevices, gravel driveways, patio bricks, and walkways.

This will save you hours of weeding and pulling out any unwanted grasses only to have them regrow again.

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