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Vegetation Control

With the growing popularity of landscape rocks and bark chips, we have had many customers ask us to treat these areas too when we spray the lawn for weeds. Unfortunately we would also apply lawn fertilizer to these areas which would encourage the growth of unwanted grasses like quack and other grass type weeds not to mention that the fertilizer will also encourage any weed seeds to germinate. Vegetation Control is a non-selective treatment for those pesky unwanted weeds and grasses that appear in areas like sidewalk cracks, crevices, gravel driveways, patio bricks and walkways. We will also treat any rock, mulch or shale areas where the plants or shrubs have been spaced far enough for our equipment. We require a minimum of 12″ between plants. This will save you hours of weeding and pulling out unwanted grasses and weeds only to have them regrow. We recommend two applications for the first year with the first one scheduled for mid June and the second one to follow about 4 to 6 weeks later. Vegetation control has quickly become very popular with our customers’ backs. Each yard is different so the price can range from $50 for small areas to $120 for more extensive work. Add this program to your services and let us look after these problem areas too.

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