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Weed Patrol provides the best lawn care service in Edmonton. Our lawn care packages use liquid fertilizer and commercial weed control that is not available to the homeowner. Our team of Edmonton lawn care experts are trained, certified, and licensed to safely apply commercial grade weed control and a professional quality liquid fertilizer to your lawn. We blend our fertilizer daily for the time of year and current local Edmonton weather and growing season. Our weed control is commercial strength that you cannot buy at Home Depot or Canadian Tire. We apply only the best lawn care products to your lawn.

Weed Patrol Lawn Care has over 30 years of experience keeping lawns weed-free and green in the Edmonton area. We specialize in lawn care services from fertilizer and weed control, to deep core aeration and over-seeding. We are the local experts for lawn care in Edmonton and the surrounding area. From our lawn care packages to the equipment and products we use, all are tailored to work best in our cool 3b garden zone. We have grown by word of mouth over the years, and now it’s most likely our excellent reviews that have lead you to our website. So let us introduce ourselves and explain what makes us different than other lawn care companies in Edmonton.

Weed Patrol Lawn Care
Edmonton Lawn Maintenance – Weed Control Experts
We Guarantee Our Lawn Care Work
Professional Lawn Care – Edmonton & Area

We provide lawn care, weed control & fertilizer service for 1000’s of lawns in Edmonton each year
and we’d like to help you too.
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Weed Patrol Lawn Care has been voted the winner of several awards including the Consumer Choice Award,  here’s why:

  • We use commercial grade weed control that will safely kill dandelions, chickweed, clover and thistle and many other types of weeds on your lawn.
  • Every fertilizer application includes an application of weed control.
  • We use liquid fertilizer which is absorbed quickly into the lawn. Children and pets can usually be back outside in less than an hour.
  • We only use pet-friendly lawn care products on our customer’s lawns.
  • We’ll notify you before our lawn care service team comes out to your home, so you’ll have a chance to mow, unlock a gate or clean up the lawn of any toys, hoses, or doggie doo.
  • We flag both the front and backyard so you’ll know all areas of your yard have been sprayed.
  • We spray the patch of grass between the city sidewalk and road too.  Unlike our competition, we consider it part of your property because after all, you are mowing it!
  • We treat any grass behind your fence that we can access.
  • All specific service requests made by you are important to us and will appear in our technician notes for every job.
  • We send after-service emails which include the time and date of the application, as well as mowing and watering instructions, and any specific concerns about your lawn.
  • We’re not a call centre. Our Edmonton lawn care office is located on the south side of Edmonton, near Costco.
  • We have great customer service; with friendly and knowledgeable staff that are happy to answer any of your lawn care questions.
  • Our team does not make a commission, so you will not be hassled with high-pressure sales, telemarketing phone calls or emails.
  • We do not automatically renew lawn care services from year to year. If you love our service, you’ll want to use us again, year after year.
  • Our lawn maintenance teams are professionally trained, certified, government licensed, and safety-conscious.
  • We guarantee results.

Our lawn care packages provide five applications of liquid fertilizer and commercial grade weed control from May to September. The number of applications can vary depending on when you start each season. What sets us apart from the competition is our combination of fertilizer and weed control treatments – every application is both liquid fertilizer and commercial grade weed control. Several Edmonton lawn care companies advertise five treatments, but on closer inspection, it’s often only three applications of fertilizer, and two separate applications of weed control, not nearly enough treatments to keep the weeds under control on your lawn. With our lawn care packages, there is no need to call our office for extra weed control applications – we just do it!  You’ll get the best value for money spent with our lawn care packages.

At Weed Patrol Lawn Care, every application consists of professional quality liquid fertilizer AND commercial weed control.


We understand that our clients aren’t the only ones who enjoy their lawns and that their pets do too. We only use pet-friendly products on our customer’s lawns, so they won’t have to worry about their pets being negatively affected by the products we use. All we ask is to keep your pets off the lawn until your lawn is dry which is usually less than an hour.

MORE INFORMATION about our pet-friendly lawn care

Deep Core Aeration

We recommended deep care aeration annually, either in the spring or fall. Aeration allows a tremendous amount of moisture to reach the root zone by pulling plugs of soil. A lawn that gets more water to the roots will always be greener. We make sure our aeration service is done properly and that every inch of your lawn is covered by using the best equipment in the landscaping industry. We have aerated many lawns and our clients love how green the lawn becomes, and the savings they see on their water bills. Like our fertilizer and weed control, Weed Patrol Lawn Care provides quality aeration. We use only the best aeration machines in the lawn care industry. Our aerators are able to penetrate the hardest of soils. We can even pull cores from tree roots! Don’t pay for a cosmetic job… get a true deep core aeration.

MORE INFORMATION about our deep core aeration


Over-seeding is another one of our popular lawn care services that can be added to deep core aeration. Over-seeding adds new life to any lawn by applying a mix of 3 types of grass seed that we had specially blended to work best in the Edmonton area.

MORE INFORMATION about our over-seeding

Weed Patrol Lawn Care
Edmonton Lawn Maintenance – Weed Control Experts
We Guarantee Our Lawn Care Work
Professional Lawn Care – Edmonton & Area

We provide lawn care, weed control & fertilizer service for 1000’s of lawns in Edmonton each year
and we’d like to help you too.
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We are confident in saying we have the best value lawn care service in Edmonton and our client reviews back that up. Read just a few of our reviews, and you will quickly see that we offer the best product for Edmonton Lawns. Every application that we apply to your lawn is both fertilizer and weed control that will kill dandelions, thistle, chickweed, and clover. Our lawn care program is for Edmonton lawns. We make sure to choose the best products for the constant changing Edmonton weather.

lawn care edmonton - before & after photos of lawns treated with fertilizer and weed control

Edmonton is our turf – Lawn care for Edmonton and surrounding areas

Are you environmentally friendly?

As professionals in the lawn care industry, we have a genuine concern for improving the environment. The nutrients we use in our fertilizer are naturally occurring and biodegradable. The weed control is not organic but is a very safe product. Pets can even eat the lawn after it has dried. We constantly stay on top of current research to bring the most environmentally sound solutions to you. We use spot application equipment that allows us to apply weed control to only those areas that are full of weeds. Once the weeds are under control, we can maintain a lawn with regular fertilizer applications and minimum weed control. To minimize the use of pesticides in the environment, we do not routinely spray a lawn for insects unless there is an infestation causing turf damage

Do I need to prepay to receive a discount?

No, give us a try without having to prepay. All first-year customers when signing up for our full program of fertilizer and weed control get the 5th application for free. You have the option of either prepaying for convenience, or paying after each service, but either way, you still get the discount.  A credit card will be automatically billed after each service for the pay-as-you-go option.

Do you have a lawn care guarantee?

Weed Patrol has a no quibble lawn care guarantee. If you are not satisfied after allowing the treatment to work for 14 days simply call us within 30 days and we’ll happily return to retreat the weeds. Chickweed, clover, and thistle can take up to three applications, but you should observe a significant reduction after each application. New weeds are expected to germinate between applications and the reason we make monthly visits throughout the season.

Do I need to be home?

No, not at all. Our lawn care technicians will do the service and send an after-service email right from the field with all the necessary lawn care instructions from mowing to watering. If you have any other questions about your lawn, just give us a call and we can even get you in touch with your technician.

Weed Patrol is in the field every day during the spring and summer, so we know what works to control weeds and fertilizer lawns. Call us today, we’ll take care of your grass so all you’ll need to do now is mow!

We are a local Edmonton lawn maintenance company

We’re not a call center. Our office is right here on the southside of Edmonton off Argyll Road.
We live, work and love this great city of Edmonton.
We have been making the lawns in Edmonton healthy, green, and weed-free for 30 years!

Our team of local lawn care experts do not make a commission and will not sell you anything you DO NOT need. Weed Patrol Lawn Care treats our customers like friends and our employees like family. We will notify you before we do any lawn care services, so you have a chance to mow or clean up the lawn. We flag both the front and back yard so that you know the work has been done. As part of our commitment to customer care, we will not automatically renew your lawn care service until you book again the following season. Weed Patrol Lawn Care is Edmonton’s best choice for lawn care services, and we guarantee results.

Weed Patrol Lawn Care
Edmonton Lawn Care – Weed Control Service
We Guarantee Our Lawn Care Work
Professional Lawn Care – Edmonton & Area

We provide lawn care, weed control & fertilizer service for over 1000 lawns in Edmonton each year
and we’d like to help you too.
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