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Weed Patrol has been providing lawn care for over 30 years in the Edmonton area. We want you to have a lawn that you will love.  We recommend adding the over-seeding service to aeration.  A trade secret to a thick, beautiful carpet-like lawn is spreading grass seed over your turf each season.  Over-seeding not only helps to fill in any thin or bare patches but also adds new life and color to an existing lawn. Weed Patrol uses three types of grass seed, two that thrive in dry conditions and one in wet conditions so despite the season your lawn will always look its best! The ideal time to over-seed is right after aeration in the spring or fall.  Aeration creates hundreds of holes in the soil level of your turf by pulling plugs of dirt. The seed will filter down into these holes and germinate all without having to top-dress with soil!  Save time and effort by over-seeding after aeration.

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Our grass seed is a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass, fescue and annual ryegrass that we have specially blended for Weed Patrol.  We are in the field daily during the growing season and we have tested this seed on 1000’s of lawns. Because we use a blend of seed, we can help the grass to grow in problem areas from heavy traffic pathways to shade, dry or wet areas.  We use new cultivars of seed which are far more durable and resistant to lawn diseases than older types of grass.  The red thread is a common lawn disease that we see on the south side of Edmonton and Sherwood Park areas. Our technicians will apply grass seed to your lawn with a professional spreader that has guards attached to prevent any seed from landing in your flowerbeds.  We make sure to sweep the sidewalks before we leave so there is no clean up to do after work.  We’ll even send you an after-service email right from the field with any instructions or tips from our lawn care technician.  We’ll guide you step by step and if you have any more questions, we are happy to answer them right here on the south side Edmonton.

We can add over-seeding to our aeration service for a minimum cost of $25 for most lawns. We just charge for the bag of seed!

Our Seeds

Kentucky Blue: Kentucky blue is the nicest looking grass that does best in moist areas and thrives in those years where we have significant precipitation.  Kentucky bluegrass will get the neighbors commenting about your beautiful green lawn.

Creeping Red Fescue: Excellent grass seed for those areas of our lawn that are dry and shaded.

Annual Ryegrass: A beautiful grass seed that literally shines. It will glitter when the light reflects off the blades. It is quick to germinate and provides a green lawn while waiting on other varieties with a slower germination time to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to germinate?

Grass seed typically can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to germinate depending on the amount of moisture that season and temperature.  Grass seed-applied after mid-August will germinate next spring.

Does the seed go in my flowerbeds?

No.  Our grass spreader has guards on the sides that stop any grass seed from being spread into your flowerbeds.

Can I order over-seeding without aeration?

No. The over-seeding service is only offered as an added-on service to aeration.

Can I buy your seed?

No.  Our seed is not available for purchase at this time but can be added to any aeration service for a minimal charge of $25 for most lawns.

Will your fertilizer & weed control applications harm the new grass?

No.  We use a liquid product that does not affect new growth like granular fertilizer.

Can I cut my lawn after you seeded?

Yes.  Go ahead and mow, as usual, the seed filters down into the soil and will not be picked up by a lawnmower.

Weed Patrol recommends adding over-seeding to the deep core aeration service either in the spring or fall. Give us a call today!