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We aerate lawns in Edmonton and surrounding areas

Weed Patrol Lawn Care has over 30 year’s experience keeping lawns green and weed-free in the Edmonton area. We offer several lawn care programs throughout the season, and our staff is professionally trained, certified, licensed, and insured. Our mission is to ensure you have a green and weed-free lawn.

We provide ‘deep core’ lawn aeration

Aeration is the first step to any lawn care program. Aeration creates hundreds of holes in your lawn by using a machine called an aerator. The aerator pulls dirt plugs from the soil level of your grass to allow more water to reach the roots. Lawns that are aerated every year stay greener because more moisture reaches the roots (as much as 50% more water). Professionally aerated lawns allow for a healthier, greener lawn.

Weed Patrol Lawn Care
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We Guarantee Our Lawn Care Work
Professional Deep Core Aeration – Edmonton & Area

We aerate over 1000 lawns in Edmonton each year
and we’d like to help you too.
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We recommend aerating lawns in Edmonton once a year, in the spring or fall.

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We use the best lawn aerator

We use the Ryan LA28, which is regarded as the best professional aerator in the lawn care industry. This 400 lb. machine cannot be rented from a local Home Depot.  Many lawn care companies advertise deep core aeration but the only way you can know for sure is to ask for the LA28 aerator.

Deep core aeration is far superior to regular aeration.

The majority of the aeration jobs done in Edmonton are really just cosmetic, meaning there are very few cores, providing little benefit to the lawn. When we aerate your lawn we pull hundreds of cores, 2 ½” to 3” deep and ¾” wide. No other aerator can pull deeper or wider plugs. Deep core aeration is far superior to regular aeration because the cores are deeper and wider allowing more moisture to the roots. Our aerator is unique in that it’s able to penetrate the hardest of soils, and is even powerful enough to go through tree roots!

We have an A+ rating at the BBB – click here 

We guarantee all of our work

We promise a golf course quality aeration job for your lawn. After each lawn aeration, we follow-up with an after-service email with lots of information and lawn tips (and we are only a phone call away). We notify you the day before we aerate and let you when we are done, and we’ll make sure to clean up any plugs from your sidewalk.

Our lawn aeration prices are very competitive and often similar to renting a less capable aerator… without the inconvenience of cleaning and returning the machine to the store!

Aerating your lawn reduces the soil compaction

Soil compaction describes the hardening of the soil that results when people walk, mow, play or water the lawn. Grass-roots cannot grow deep or wide in hard, compacted soil. The grass becomes shallow and grows only on the surface.  A lawn without yearly aeration is like trying to grow a garden without rototilling the soil in the spring.  Aerating your lawn once a year will reduce soil compaction.

Aerating allows for your lawn to stay healthy

In Edmonton, lawns tend to dry out very quickly, especially in the warmer months during the summer, and during windier conditions in the spring or fall. When lawns lack moisture, they tend to look sparse and brown. Weeds easily germinate when a lawn is dry and thin. Healthy grass-roots are the foundation of a thick lawn and the secret to keeping your lawn weed-free.

Aeration prevents thatch from building up

Thatch is the dead grass that accumulates over time underneath the healthy grass blades. Thatch prevents fertilizer, water, and air from getting to the roots. If your lawn is not green, one of the major reasons can be thatch build-up.  Aeration is better at controlling thatch than a power rake.  Professional lawn aeration should bring up 10-15% of the soil to the surface of your grass. Each core will have countless microorganisms called microbes. Like a compost pile, microbes break down thatch on your lawn by eating the dead vegetation.  Just one teaspoon of dirt contains more microbes than the population of the earth! Thatch can become one of your lawn’s most serious problems, eventually, preventing the growth of grass.

Add more green to your lawn

Over-seeding adds new color and life to your lawn, as well as making it more drought hardier and disease resistant.  It’s an excellent time to over-seed your lawn after aeration. The grass seeds will germinate in the holes so top dressing the lawn with soil will not be necessary.  We recommend adding over-seeding to the aeration service to give your grass that new lawn look again.

Learn More: visit our Edmonton overseeding page

Aeration is the best way to prevent fairy rings – Fairy rings thrive in lawns that are full of thatch.


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Frequently Asked Lawn Aeration Questions

How often should I aerate my lawn?

We recommend aerating lawns in the Edmonton area once per year, either in the spring or fall. Spring aeration is usually preferred as it’s best to take advantage of the moist soil condition left after the winter snow melt. Fall aeration works better for heavy clay-based soils.

Do you rake up the cores after aeration?

No, we don’t remove the cores after aeration. We don’t want to stop the micro-organisms from breaking down the dead grass under the top growth. We recommend you wait until the plugs are dry before mowing.  It will be easier for the blades of a lawnmower to break apart the dirt cores. Typically, the cores will disappear after two cuttings.

Does the lawn need to be cut before you aerate?

No, it’s not necessary to cut the lawn before aeration. The recommended mowing height for all lawns is 2 ½ to 3”, at this height your lawn will look it’s greenest.

Does a new lawn need aeration?

No, new lawns do not need aeration until the third year.

Someone knocked on my door and offered aeration for less?

Cheap aeration prices often mean cheap aeration equipment, fewer holes, and plugs that don’t penetrate deep into the soil, as well as inexperienced and likely uninsured workers. Why miss all the major benefits of a professionally aerated lawn? Get the job done right by experienced, insured, reputable, and accountable professionals. We guarantee our work.

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Weed Patrol Lawn Care
Edmonton Aerating Service
We Guarantee Our Lawn Care Work
Professional Deep Core Aeration – Edmonton & Area

We aerate over 1000 lawns in Edmonton each year
and we’d like to help you too.
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