lawn care edmonton - pet friendly

Lawn Care and Your Pets

The question we get most often asked-“Is it safe for children and pets?” The answer is a definite YES!

We just ask our customers to keep all pets and kids off the lawn until it is dry to the touch of your hand-that can be as little as 30 minutes to an hour depending on the temperature or wind that day. Liquid fertilizer is quickly absorbed into the lawn which is one very big advantage of using a liquid over a granular. If an animal accidentally goes outside while the lawn is still wet, veterinarians just recommend washing the paws. A liquid fertilizer is also better for our feathered friends too as birds often digest pellets of granular for grit.

The nutrients we use in our fertilizer are naturally occurring and biodegradable. The weed control is not organic but is a very safe product. We do not blanket spray our weed control unless it is necessary to control a severe infestation of weeds. Our specialized spot application equipment can apply herbicide directly to the weeds and fertilizer to the grass. Once the weeds are under control we need to use very little herbicide to continue to keep your lawn weed free.

We are also happy to email, text or call the night before each service so you can keep the dog or cat inside if you will not be home.

If someone is home during the day, our technician would ring the doorbell so you can bring them inside at the time of the application.

Another common question is what to do about dog spots? Water-it sounds easy but it is truly the best thing you can do right now. Put lots of water on the dog spots by running your garden hose in those areas to dilute the urine. The acid or nitrogen in the urine is burning the grass. You can also apply garden lime to the dog spots to neutralize the acidity. Garden lime works great but it’s slow to break down and takes a whole season before you will see significant improvement. The fertilizer program will also help by encouraging the grass to grow in those spots and if the lawn is at least 3 years old, deep core aeration will also help by getting more water to penetrate those areas. We would also suggest over-seeding after aeration. There is also a herbal supplement that your vet can recommend which will neutralize the pH of the urine.


30 years of experience killing weeds and fertilizing lawns is peace of mind for all our moms fur or human! The pictures below of Max, Squeaky and Rocky are all my pets enjoying our lawn right here at home in Edmonton.