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Weed Patrol Edmonton Lawn Care Program

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Our Edmonton lawn care program is 5 applications of liquid fertilizer and commercial grade weed control. Every treatment is both liquid fertilizer and commercial grade weed control. Not three applications of fertilizer and two separate treatments of weed control but every application is both a professional quality fertilizer and commercial weed control. We use liquid fertilizer and not granular which is not only better for our feathered friends but it means no messy sidewalks to sweep up after an application. Our lawn care program is specific for Edmonton. We understand the local weather and how quickly it can change. so we choose products that work best for our unpredictable Edmonton weather. We apply the right product for the right weather at the right time.

Our lawn care program is a professional-quality liquid fertilizer enriched with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur. Nitrogen is considered the most important part for greening.

With 5 applications, your grass is fed nutrients approximately every 5 weeks over the growing season. A typical season is April/May to September/October depending on our local Edmonton weather.


Spring Starter Fertilizer (May): A balanced professional liquid fertilizer will be applied to your lawn to give it a quick green-up and to establish healthy new growth.  As in all treatments, broad leaf weed control will be applied to all visible weeds.

Early Season Fertilizer (June): This formulation, like all 5 treatments, maintains a healthy thick turf by providing the essential nutrient to the lawn.

Summer Fertilizer (July): Overall greening is continued without excessive turf growth or burning in the summer heat.

Late Summer Fertilizer (August): Fertilizer continues to make the lawn more resistant to drought by stimulating root development.

Fall Fertilizer (September): Fertilizer promotes better color retention, reduces winter kill, root development and promotes early green-up in the spring.

Our Edmonton lawn care program is also 5 treatments of weed control because weeds germinate, flower and spread at different times during the spring/summer season.

Commercial strength weed control is applied at each application.

May is the first bumper crop of dandelions followed by a second crop in June. In July, August and September chickweed, thistle and clover become problem weeds for many local homeowners. The first year is a process of having the lawn go through each of these different weed cycles and we do expect new weeds by the next application but at the end of the season you will be weed free. We apply the maximum amount of weed control to the lawn each treatment.

We suggest mowing at the highest setting on the lawn mower for the first year of service with our company.

The bigger the weed, the more weed control we can apply to the leaves, the better the kill! Weed control is not absorbed by the roots.

We guarantee our results. We apply the maximum amount of weed control to the lawn each treatment so we get very few call backs.

Our lawn care program is specific for the Edmonton and surrounding regions of Sherwood Park, St. Albert and Beaumont.

We are a locally owned company that has been professionally servicing lawns for more than 30 years.

The best value lawn care program in Edmonton!


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