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Weed control for Edmonton and surrounding areas

Weed Patrol Lawn Care has over 30 years of field experience controlling weeds and fertilizing lawns in the Edmonton area.  

We are a local Edmonton lawn maintenance company with 30+ years of experience. We provide professional weed control services for Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and Beaumont. We offer a 5-application lawn care program of liquid fertilizer and weed control that will keep your lawn green and weed-free from spring to fall. Weed Patrol Lawn Care applies commercial grade weed control to safely treat dandelions, chickweed, clover, and thistles, as well as many other types of weeds on your lawn.  The products we use are pet-friendly.

Weed Patrol Lawn Care
Edmonton Weed Control Service
We Guarantee Our Lawn Care Work
Professional Weed Control – Edmonton & Area

We provide weed control & fertilizer service for over 1000’s of  lawns in Edmonton each year
and we can help you too.
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We are a local Edmonton company… you’re not dealing with a call centre when you have questions or concerns

I can’t keep up with the weeds anymore!  We have the worse lawn on the block. At Weed Patrol, we understand your frustration with weeds on your lawn. You tried picking, spraying and digging out the weeds, only to have more appear, often by the next mowing. We’re here to help and can usually start service the same week you call!

Commercial grade weed control products are only available from professional lawn care service providers

You’ve done the right thing seeking professional help for your lawn.  Weed and feed is no longer available in the province of Alberta as of 2010. You now need to choose a professional lawn care service to control weeds on your lawn.  Commercial strength weed control cannot be purchased at home renovation stores or garden centers.

The weed control that is still available on box store shelves does not work and can be very confusing to apply. You must know what type of weed killer to apply where, when to apply it, and how to mix it properly only to be frustrated with the results.  A common mistake we see is applying a non-selective weed control like Roundup to control dandelions, thistles, chickweed, and clover. Weed Patrol Lawn Care employees have the training, certification and licensing to know what strength, how much, and what type of weed control to safely apply to the weeds on your lawn. Alberta Environment requires us to take several credit courses every year to responsibly apply weed control with the minimum compromise to the environment. 

We have the training, certification and licensing to know what strength, how much and what type of weed control  to safely apply to the weeds in your yard.

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Lawn care program

Our most popular lawn care program consists of five full applications of weed control and fertilizer from May through September. We apply fertilizer and weed control at each application. Your lawn receives 10 treatments throughout the season. We provide the best value lawn care program in Edmonton! We use commercial grade weed control that can only be bought with a professional license. It’s not weed control you can buy at Home Depot. We safely spray the maximum strength to kill weeds fast, and we never water down our weed control. We use only liquid fertilizer which requires a lot less watering compared to granular fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is gentler and safer on all paws. We blend our lawn fertilizer weekly to adjust for the time of season and current weather… cold or wet, hot or dry, resulting in a greener lawn. Weed Patrol notifies all customers the day before each application by email and we’ll accommodate your mowing company’s schedule. We flag both the front and the back yard with a lawn sign, so you know all areas were treated.  Not only will the whole yard be sprayed but also any boulevards and behind the fence if there is access through a gate. After we are finished working on your lawn, we’ll send you an after-service email with mowing and watering instructions.

We understand what products work best for our unpredictable weather conditions.
We apply the right weed control for the right weather, at the right time.

Applying the correct fertilizer to your lawn is an important part of weed control

The best defense against future weeds is a thick, healthy lawn. A thin lawn is like an open garden space where weed seeds can easily germinate. Our liquid fertilizer is professional quality enriched with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is considered the most important part for greening. Not only do we feed the grass but the soil too by adding micronutrients. Liquid fertilizer dries very quickly, usually less than an hour, which means very little time before children and pets can be back playing on the lawn.

Learn more: visit our Edmonton lawn fertilization page

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Weed Patrol has been voted winner of several consumer awards for lawn care including the Consumer Choice Award for 2018 and 2019.
We have an A+ rating at the BBB.

Frequently Asked Questions

With 5 applications, your grass is treated for weeds and fertilized approximately every 4-5 weeks over the growing season. A typical season is May to September/October depending on the weather. We automatically schedule all visits and we’ll notify you by email the day before service.

The recommended mowing height is 2 ½-3”. This is usually the second highest setting on your lawn mower. This is the ideal height for treating weeds and the height your grass will also look it’s greenest. Weed control is absorbed through the leaves of the weed and not the roots so cutting any shorter will reduce the results of the weed control.

It typically takes about one hour to dry. Depending on the temperature and wind conditions on the day of your application, we recommend keeping pets off the lawn until dry, which is usually about an hour.

Yes. Not all weeds germinate first thing in the spring-May is the first bumper crop of dandelions followed by a second crop in June. In July, August and September chickweed, clover and thistle become the problem weeds for most homeowners.  Typically new weeds grow about every 4 weeks your first year on the program. The good news is by the end of the season you will be weed free and you’ll start the following spring with a beautiful lawn.  We just need to go through this process the first year.

Picking the weeds is not a good idea as you cannot get the whole root of the plant especially for chickweed, clover and thistle which have an extensive root system.  Weed control must be applied directly to the leaves of the weed to be effective. We must wait for the weed to regrow , usually a week, before we can effectively kill it.

Weed Patrol has a 5 application program of fertilizer and weed control for you lawn. Let us take care of your lawn and all you need to do now is mow and add water when dry.

Weed Patrol Lawn Care
Edmonton Weed Control Service
We Guarantee Our Lawn Care Work
Professional Weed Control – Edmonton & Area

We provide weed control & fertilizer service for over 1000 lawns in Edmonton each year
and we’d like to help you too.
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With Weed Patrol Lawn Care you can be assured we do not water down our weed control, we spray the appropriate strength to keep your lawn weed-free the whole season long.