Spring Clean ups

At Weed Patrol Lawn Care we do not recommend spring clean ups.  Every year the lawn sets out a whole new root system and these tender roots can easily be removed by a power rake or even vigorous hand raking by a homeowner early in the spring.  You are essentially thinning out the lawn with good intentions.  This puts the lawn in "catch up" mode and we recommend over-seeding to fill in the bare patches.  To make matters even worse the bare patches often become full of weeds before the grass has had a chance to fill in again.  The grass seed we recommend  for over-seeding is the one sold at Costco each spring in Edmonton.  This year because of an early spring with unseasonably warm weather we anticipate lots of homeowners will be out raking the lawn well before the roots have gotten a chance to get established again.  If you are pulling out green STOP raking.

"Oh but it looks so terrible"-the couple extra weeks that you have waited for the lawn to get established again will mean a nicer lawn for the whole season.  More roots is the foundation of a lush green lawn that is more drought tolerable.  So your have permission from the professionals to take this weekend off and not do yard work.  Mowing right now is fine as long as you are not using the power rake blade on the lawn mower.

What about all the sand and gravel left on the front lawn from shoveling snow off the driveway all winter?   We would recommend hand raking for those areas to remove the debris.

The best thing you can do each spring is to deep core aerate the lawn.  Research in the green industry and 30 years of experience have shown us that aeration is the best and most effective way to rid the lawn of thatch.  It is also an excellent time to over-seed the lawn after aeration as it is not necessary to top dress the lawn with soil-the seeds will fall into the newly created holes and stay nice and moist.

So again relax-take the weekend off and watch the grass grow!